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Here’s the Best and Cheapest City to Move to in Every State for 2022

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First and foremost, moving to a new state or city is a big decision, and buying a property can be a thrilling experience, but it can also be expensive. Hence, to help make the decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best and cheapest cities to live in each state for 2022. Whether you’re looking for a place to start your career or want to live frugal and safe, these are the cities and states where you’ll find the best values.

Best Cities For Affordable Housing in 2022

For the most part, buying a home is a significant step in the enthusiastic American pursuit. Moreover, purchasing a residence is a significant investment and consumes time and energy. Waiting for the right moment to buy a home is the best course of action.

For instance, you’ll need to consider many factors before making arrangements to purchase a new home. Many people check out how desirable a neighborhood is for their families and public schools’ quality, crime rates, and proximity to big cities. However, the number of dollars to purchase one of these homes is, in general, the most scrutinized aspect

Accordingly, the middle-median dwelling expense in the United States is $247,084. Eleven states where the median home value exceeds $100,000 resistance point below the United States median residence value

Aside from location, the price of a residence varies depending on the state. Identifying your location before buying a home will clarify what the appropriation is for and the cost necessary for a down or advance payment on the proportions and price of the desired residence

1. Jackson, Mississippi

In this case, Mississippi is one of the least expensive states to purchase a house, with its median residence worth 114,500 USD being less than half of the national median home value. Mississippi has a median dwelling size of 1,479 square feet, between the home sizes found in some more expensive areas. Homeowners in Mississippi will disburse belongings taxes at 0.81 percent annually on their annual real estate taxes, resulting in an overall median property tax of 924 dollar

2. Charleston, West Virginia

With this in mind, West Virginia is on the inexpensive side of Americans to purchase real estate. West Virginia s median residence value is only 115,000 USD, $500 fewer than Mississippi s and 46.5 percent below the U.S. median residence value. West Virginia’s $115,000 is anticipated to fit a buyer. With eighth-most descending property tax rate in the United States is 0.59%. West Virginia residents anticipate $678 in state property taxes per year

3. City of Arkansas, Arkansas

Arkansas has the third-lowest median residence value of all U.S. states. The median property value in Arkansas is slightly lower than the national average by around 3 percent. However, home buyers get a little extra space over 1,500 square ft. In Arkansas, the median property tax rate is 0.63%, so property taxes are a median of $776

4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s median home value is around 130K USD. The Oklahoma median home size is around and estimated at about 1,500 square feet, the same as Arkansas, but at a somewhat higher price. Oklahoma property taxpayers pay a property rate of 0.90%, translating to $1,177 in taxes annually

5. Frankfort, Kentuck

Likewise, Kentucky is priced at around 135K USD. Kentucky has a smaller median accommodation area than the preferably four places on this list, at 1,456 square feet. The location’s property tax rate in Kentucky is 0.86%

6. Indianapolis, Indian

Accordingly, Indiana’s median residence worth is around $135,400, only $100 more than Kentucky’s. Indiana’s median dwelling significance is nearly 100K USD less than the U.S. median home value. Indiana’s median home size is most significant in the top 10 at 1,568 square feet. Similar to Kentucky, Indiana’s effective state property tax is 0.86%. Indiana homeowners pay, on average, about $1,170 per year in property taxes.

7. Montgomery, Alabama

Alabama’s median residence worth is around 130K USD or $137,200 to be exact, much less than the national median residential value of approximately 250,000 USD. The median dwelling dimensions in Alabama are around 1,600 square feet, which is the most significant measure in this listing. Alabama is the second-lowest-priced state for property taxes, at a rate of 0.42%

8. Columbus, Ohio

Ohio’s median residential home price is around a whole figure of 140,000 USD, and the median home size is 1,543 square feet. Ohio’s corresponding taxes are higher than the taxes in most other U.S. states at 1.58%. Homeowners in the state of Ohio pay approximately $2,205 annually in property taxes based on the median residence worth in the state.

9. Des Moines, Iowa

Accordingly, the median property worth in Iowa is around the figures of 142,300 USD, ranked ninth-lowest. The median home square footage is 1,492 square feet. According to the median property assessed value, Iowans pay about $2,219 annually in property taxes

10. Topeka, Kansa

Kansas is actually the 10th-cheapest state in the United States when it comes to buying a house, with homes costing 145,400 USD. That house value provides a homeowner with around 1,522 square feet to reside comfortably. Kansas’s effective state tax rate is 1.41 percent, which results in taxes of more than $2,045 per capita for homeowners.

Best Cities For Decent Job Market in 2022

Despite the worldwide virus outbreak, the United States has experienced a strong rebound in the labor industry, with the fastest-growing fields including healthcare, construction, and technology. The number of American jobs is nearly double between 2021 and 2022. Other occupation trends between 2021 and 2022 are expected to include U.S. firms branching towards new business methods, like hybrid and remote employment. Starting in 2022, these ten cities will include excellent job markets and outstanding living options, which may help you decide on your career.

1. Austin, TX

The median home value in this town was $257,800. The median monthly rent in the town was $1,106. The unemployment rate in 2021 was 3.6 percent. Job growth is projected to be 3.5 percent.

Even though the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic primarily affected the state of Austin, TX remains an excellent place to live and is expected to see a surge in job creation in 2022. In this case, the capital city of the Lone Star State began enjoying growing popularity for businesses and young professionals this year due to it being in a generally strong position economically while also possessing a lower unemployment rate

Numerous Silicon Valley-based technology companies turned to the state, including software giant Oracle, FileTrail, QuestionPro, and the technology investment firm 8VC. Car manufacturer Tesla also relocated to Austin, creating thousands of jobs with the building of the Gigafactory and providing manufacturing training in partnership with the Austin Community College

Considering how bustling Austin is, you probably won’t have trouble finding a job in its industries. Prominent employers include Whole Foods Market and Keller Williams Realty. With the media attention, Austin has received in recent years, the city seems set to draw in a variety of job applicants in 2022.

2. Boise, ID

Home size 218,677; Median sales price $191,000; Median monthly rent $834. The unemployment rate is 4.1%; Job growth is 3.6% in 2021 and onwards.

Boise, one of the most desirable spots in the Pacific Northwest region, is enjoying a population boom! One of the fastest-growing areas in 2021, Boise’s new tech industry and its low cost of living made it a top destination for people in that same year, and it’s predicted to remain that way through 2022.

Fortune 500 company Micron Technologies, supermarket chain WinCo Foods, Albertsons, and the brokerage firm Colliers call Boise their home. Surge City’s focus on tech startups and entrepreneurial companies, like Zenify, Vinyl, and Tackle, helps bolster Boise’s young, educated workforce.

Although the residents of this small-town city enjoy rural amenities and access to higher education services at Boise State University or various technical colleges, the city is also a spectacular place for young professionals.

3. Boston, MA

Six hundred fifty-eight thousand two hundred seventy-nine Americans live within 660 of a median-priced home value of $423,200. The cost of monthly rent comes to $1,369. The unemployment rate is 5.5 percent. Job growth is expected to be 4.3 percent over the next five years.

Boston was selected as one of the nation’s top metropolitan areas to begin a career because of its thriving economy, its wide variety of job opportunities for young job seekers, and its world-class business community. Boston was selected as one of the nation’s top metropolitan areas to begin a career! Boston is home to many Fortune 500 corporations like financial services company State Street, real estate investment firm American Tower, and Liberty Mutual Insurance.

In Massachusetts, business seekers can find jobs in finance, healthcare, or technology with corporations like General Electric, Massachusetts General Hospital, or Rapid7.

With first-rate universities such as Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Boston University, Boston is one of the best and brightest locations for higher education and career growth opportunities.

4. Denver, CO

There were 663,303 individuals with a median price of $292,700 in the home price and $1,035 in the median monthly rent. The unemployment rate was 3.8% in 2021, and the number of jobs grew by 2.8% in 2021 and onwards.

Denver’s high-technology economy is symbolic of the fields in which it excels, such as computing, science, engineering, and mathematics. Colorado is home to ten Fortune 500 companies, and even kidney-care specialist DaVita and financial service-industry leader Western Union are expressed as the city’s well-established economy.

Colorado’s job market is primed for growth thanks to contributions from industries like aerospace, communications, and bioscience. With energy and mineral resources being an especially significant contributor to the local economy, the urban neighborhood is especially conducive to the mining industry.

5. Nashville, TN

Given a population of 643,771, the median home price is $174,600, and the median price for an apartment is $902. The median unemployment level is 4.3%, and job growth is projected to be 2.4% from 2021 to 2022.

As a top attraction for tourists, Nashville is one of the best places to live in the Southeast for employment opportunities in healthcare, entrepreneurship, tourism, and music. Music City is a significant employer for several entertainment companies, including Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Kroger, and Nissan North America, three prominent corporations based in Tennessee, each have a basketball team of the same name. Other Tennessee cities like Nashville have growing tech industries, with manufacturing and tech jobs growing thanks to startups like CM Group and global tech companies like Asurion Inc.

6. Plano, TX

The mean home price of $248,800, the median annual rent of $1,196, and the 3.4 percent unemployment rate. 2022 is projected to generate 3.3% more jobs.

Do you wish to move to a town that enjoys an increasing population without being cramped? Consider moving to Plano, located just north of Dallas and Fort Worth; and has successfully grown without aggrandizing its small-town feel.

Remittances are a significant reason many Plano citizens choose the city when they retire. And even though the cost of living here is significantly lower, Plano can provide high-income jobs and low sales tax, adding to the place’s desirability.

The city’s businesses are currently attracting additional corporate relocations, with over 63,000 new jobs predicted in the coming years. Transfer of businesses like DZS, Inc., and Tipalti indicates that Fortune 1000 businesses are looking to move to Plano.

7. Raleigh, NC

Home price in Population 441,326 was $218,200, and the market value per month was $966. The unemployment rate was 4.3% in 2021, while job growth was 3.0%.

As one of the fastest-performing cities in the country, Raleigh is well on its way to economic recovery as the tenth fastest-growing city in the U.S. The top 20 companies in Raleigh pay a median salary of 45% higher than the industry average, which is fantastic for businesses that want skilled employees.

Thanks to the local presence of companies like Pendo and PrecisionHawk and big shops such as TotalEnergies around Raleigh, companies like the Fortune 500 company Advance Auto Parts and local startups like Pendo and PrecisionHawk often hire citizens.

North Carolina State University, Duke University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are not just big employers for Raleigh residents, but they also have graduates that help feed into the growing technology industry estimated to be one of the East Coast’s tech hubs by 2025. Due to its role in the Research Triangle, Raleigh is one of the best places for investing in its technology companies. Raleigh has the ideal location for careers because it is close to several major universities, a lot of biotech companies, and many tech firms.

8. Salt Lake City, UT

The median home price for (191,446 occupants) is $248,700, and the median monthly rent is $844. To clarify, the unemployment rate in 2021 is projected to be 3.9%. The job growth rate is projected to be 1.5%.

Silicon Valley is on the rise! Salt Lake City attracts many tech startups like Apple and BambooHR because it has low costs. An abundance of individuals has moved away from expensive metropolitan areas such as California.

Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, has been experiencing consistent job growth and population growth in recent years, so SLC has a variety of employment opportunities for its citizens. Alsco and Associated Food Stores are two examples of companies.

9. Scottsdale, AZ

The median purchase price on a home was $405,500 in a population of 234,495, while the median monthly rent amount was $1,184. The unemployment rate was 3.1% in 2021. The job growth of the three industries in which 3.3% was the report rate was 2021.

Scottsdale is one of the best cities in the country for careers. Scottsdale ranks number one in the United States for jobs and employment growth due to its low unemployment and continued job stability.

Many Scottsdale software companies have predicted to increase their employment by 10% over the next five years thanks to companies such as YellowBird, Emerge, Paradox, and website-building giant GoDaddy. Technology is a prime economic driver in the region, but the medical industry has also seen growing employment for five years. Trends in healthcare will spur Scottsdale’s biggest employers. These include HonorHealth, Magellan Healthcare, and Massage Envy.

10. Seattle, WA

The median home price totaled $484,600 and was $1,266 a month. The unemployment rate was 3.7%. For job opportunities, the average job growth was 2.6%.

Seattle continues to be a vital tech company hub, with great business owing to a prominent number of e-commerce businesses. Regardless of the abundance of technological innovation companies based in the city, job opportunities are still rising, with companies such as Microsoft playing a notable role.

Compared to the rest of U.S. cities, Seattle has several other Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon, logistics company Expeditors, Alaska Air Group, Nordstrom, and Starbucks. The city also has numerous other big employers, like the real estate marketplace Zillow, and employs workers in leading industries, such as manufacturing and healthcare.

Seattle is an excellent opportunity for those interested in careers because of the great opportunities for developing skills and world-class services. The city is costly, though, considering that this is somewhat offset by the inexpensive nature of living in the city.

Best Cities For Safe/Low Crime Rate in 2022

Firstly, the U.S indexes 128 out of 163 countries based on the Global Peace Index. Safety plays an essential role in citizens’ quality of life and is significant in families considering relocation.

Correspondingly, the above-mentioned states are more vulnerable to different danger types than others. Hereafter, to determine which states are the most secure, WalletHub compared the states across established a ranking of 53 safety characteristics. After all, every state is assigned a score ranging from 0 and 100 for each benchmark, with 100 being the safest. That score supplied the basis for determining which U.S. states are the safest.

1. Kennebunk, Maine

With a 66-point score, the State of Maine is the securest. Maine ranks first for Residential Safety, Road Safety, and Emergency Preparedness. Maine has the lowest rate of assault in any state in The United States and the lowest overall violent crime rate.

2. Hinesburg, Vermont

As everyone supposedly knows, Vermont is one of the safest states in the country, with a safety score of 65.48. Vermont ranks second for residential security and seventh for monetary security. For the most part, Vermont has one of the most descending unemployment rates and has the third-lowest population of uninsured individuals. Lastly, Vermont’s violent crime rate is around 2 or 1.7, to be exact, incidents per a thousand people.

3. Corcoran, Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the most unassailable states in the U.S. in Minnesota, with a score of 62.42. Minnesota ranks first for service and protection of the workplace, third for highway safety, and fourth for safe, monetary services. Minnesota has the fourth-largest share of people with rainy-day funds and the fourth-lowest percentage of uninsured people. Furthermore, Minnesota has the second-fewest motor vehicle-related deaths per capita

4. Farmington, Utah

Utah classifies fourth in an inventory of the safest states with a workplace protection score of 61.71. Utah is sixth for crisis preparedness and seventh for vehicular security. Utah conveys the ultimate location for the lowest unemployment momentum

5. Worland, Wyoming

Wyoming ranks fifth nationally for safety. Wyoming ranks sixth for personal safety. Wyoming’s damaging criminality rate is low, with roughly two incidents per 1,000 people. Wyoming’s small population size cultivates a low crime rate among its residents. In general, the community as a whole is usually friendly and welcoming.

6. Sioux Center, Iowa

Correspondingly categorizing fifth as the most unassailable state, Iowa ranks third for monetary safety. Iowa ranks fifth for personal and residential safety and fourth for safety on the road. Iowa has the fifth-lowest percentage of uninsured individuals and is tied for the lowest unemployment rate in the country.

7. Wayland, Massachusetts

Massachusetts (58.98) makes the seventh-safest state in the U.S. Massachusetts ranks first for Monetary Safety and second for Road Safety. Massachusetts is one of the world’s most educated states, with an average family income of $85,843. The state consumes a minimum of the third-most rainy-day funds per capita. Massachusetts has the least per capita number of people without a license to drive a vehicle.

8. Atkinson, New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a peaceful and relatively safe state (58.82). New Hampshire ranks second-to-last for assaults per capita in the U.S. New Hampshire’s prevailing forceful crime rate is 1.7 incidents per 1,000 and is two points below the national rate. It’s rare for New Hampshire to be robbed violently. Similarly, New Hampshire state’s unemployment rate is one of the lowest.

9. Newtown Connecticut

Highly regarded as the 9th most unassailable state in the United States, Connecticut has a safety score of 58.81. Connecticut ranks 4th for Individual & Dwelling Safety. Connecticut has bustling urban centers with crime rates as low as 3/100,000.

10. Bristol, Rhode Island

Last but not least, Rhode Island occupies the tenth and final position within the list, with a quality rating of 58.15 out of 100. Rhode Island ranks eighth for Individual & Dwelling Safety and sixth for Vehicular Safety. Rhode Island is fourth-to-the-last among U.S. states for automobile fatalities. Also, Rhode Island is ranked second to the last among U.S. states for work-related injuries per total worker.

Best Cities To Raise a Family in 2022

Are you looking to move in 2022 with your whole family? We’ve put together a collection of cities, offering diverse educational establishments, affordable costs, and other vital considerations. Check out our list of the 11 best cities for families in 2022!

1. Ann Arbor, MI

The average monthly housing price is $1,114, the median home price is $250,200, and the population is approximately 118,087. The median annual income is $57,697, with an unemployment rate of 3.4%, safer than 50% of U.S. cities.

Accordingly, Ann Arbor is more than a college town for the University of Michigan. Low crime rates, low housing costs, excellent public schools like Honey Creek Community School, National Blue Ribbon School, and the Award-winning Community High School make Ann Arbor a great place to raise a family in 2022!

Ann Arbor maintains a small-town allure thanks to historic streets, dozens of public parks, and a forested feel, which inspired its nickname of Tree Town. At the same time, entertaining activities cater to children’s entertainment, including meeting various animals, including alpacas and rabbits, at The Petting Farm. In addition, at Planet Rock, rock climbing is accessible to all ages. At the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, students can learn about Greek and Egyptian history.

Moreover, the Hands-On Museum at the Ann Arbor Children’s Museum lets children learn about science by using all five senses, allowing all family members to enjoy themselves.

2. Arlington, VA

Home median selling price was $623,300, and the median rental price was $1,861. The median annual income was $108,706, and the unemployment rate was 2.6%. Compared to 76 percent of U.S. cities, it was a much safer neighborhood.

Near the Potomac River in Washington, DC, the capital’s former capital area is sometimes cited among the best and greatest places to live in the U.S. for families because of its diverse neighborhoods. You will enjoy access to various family environments in diverse Arlington neighborhoods.

Yorktown High School and many more are some of the best schools in Virginia, so there are no excuses for not getting top-quality education. The kids can enjoy places like The Wonder, an indoor multi-use playground that encourages immersion in seasonal color experiences and hands-on learning.

To find a suitable site for you and your loved ones, check out Arlington’s many parks, such as Mosaic Park, which has a water feature and a colorful climbing wall. Families also have access to Washington, DC, where you can explore historic sites and fun-filled places the entire or whole family will enjoy, such as the National Children’s Museum or Nationals Park, where the Washington Nationals plays.

3. Boston, MA

Based on a census count of 658,279, the median home sales price was $423,200, and the median monthly rent was $1,369. The median annual household income was $58,516, the unemployment rate was 5.5%, and the crime rate was safer than 15% of American cities.

One of the most secure cities globally, Boston is one of the best locations for families! Parents relocating to Beantown will be satisfied to learn that they let their children engage in stimulating, kid-friendly activities without forgoing the amenities offered by big-city privileges.

Boston’s safe neighborhoods have numerous museums, cultural centers, and outstanding schools like the Eliot K-8 Innovation School and Boston Latin School. Families with older children will likewise enjoy living in this city because of the many colleges and continuing education resources available to them, including esteemed world-class universities like Boston University and Harvard University.

These attractions can provide fun for children and adults alike. If your family enjoys sports, enjoy attending live games in Boston from nearby teams like Boston Red Sox (Major League Baseball), Boston Celtics (National Basketball Association), Boston Bruins (National Hockey League), New England Patriots (National Football League), and the New England Revolution (Major League Soccer).

4. Columbia, MD

The city’s population is more than 103,500, with an annual median home price of $364,900 and an annual median rent of $1,604. The median household income is $102,899, and the unemployment rate is 4.0%. The crime rate is slower than the per capita crime rate of 40% of U.S. cities.

Accordingly, Columbia, Maryland, one of the safest cities in the U.S., is also a popular residential place, especially for young families. Many people enjoy the diversity of the urban and suburban lifestyles offered there.

From Atholton High School to Hammond High School to Wilde Lake High School, notable schools in Columbia offer excellent education and join the community members in embracing diversity. There are plenty of parks, gardens, and geocaching sites to explore, making your Columbia trip to your full potential of yours, regardless of your age.

Kids’ indoor recreational facilities will provide thrilling options such as bubble soccer and bumper cars, which has ball pits and tube slides, and DoodleHATCH. This interactive art museum has special classes and exhibits.

Lastly, places like Columbia Art Center, Hobbit Golf Link, and Merriweather Post Pavilion provide an abundance of enjoyable activities for you and your family.

5. Irvine, CA

Residents of the city are of population 246,992, and the median value of a home is $718,800. The median monthly rent is $1,997. For instance, the median household income in the city is $93,823. The number of jobless people is 4.0%, meaning it is safer than 66 U.S. cities.

When contemplating where to raise a family, it’s essential to consider safety when choosing a community. Irvine is a city that is considered one of the safest in the U.S. Residents like Oak Creek and Woodbridge are surrounded by several family-friendly neighborhoods.

The inclusive Irvine Unified Public School District is home to several educational institutions that meet your child’s needs, like University High School, Venado Middle School, and Santiago Hills Elementary. These schools promote diversity, and some even have kid-friendly activities like Knott’s Berry Farm, California’s original theme park known for its boysenberry menu items and thrilling attractions.

6. Madison, WI

At 246,034 residents, the median home value is $217,000. The median monthly rent is $959, and the median household income is $56,464. The unemployment rate is 3.5 percent, and the crime rate is 27% safer than in U.S. cities.

You’ll be residing in one of the USA’s best medium-sized cities if you live within Madison, which allows you access to plenty of family-friendly attractions, including the Madison Children’s Museum and Henry Vilas Zoo. Madison’s other outdoor recreational opportunities include fishing, boating, and swimming on its lakes.

Madison loves its abundance of museums and art centers for children. Furthermore, Madison’s culture and arts are abundant, with the Children’s Theater of Madison and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art accessible by car. Living in Madison also makes it versatile to live and work in economically savvy areas like Yalesville and Lisbon. As the second-largest city in Wisconsin, the Madison Metropolitan School District is conveniently located with excellent educational institutions featuring many options.

7. Naperville, IL

Firstly, the median home price in the city is $388,400, with the median annual rent being $1,360. The median income in the city is $110,676. Unemployment in the city is 3.9%. Crime rates are safer than in 90% of American cities.

Among the most splendid suburbs of Chicago, Naperville is rated as a welcoming town to raise a child and live in. Accordingly, one of the principal reasons for this is that Naperville is rated as one of the highest-rated cities in Illinois in terms of children’s safety.

Naperville is home to the most beautiful elementary schools in Illinois, including Meadow Greens Elementary School and numerous other exceptional schools like Naperville Central High School.

Families eager to have a good time in Naperville won’t be disappointed by the options, including the educational facility Funtopia, where kids can climb and slide for hours, or the high-octane activity.

Families in Naperville will find various outdoor activities at places like Centennial Beach and the Naperville Riverwalk. They can take a stroll on approximately half a mile of footbridges and plaza walkways lined with water fountains.

8. Overland Park, KS

$237,100 was the median home valuation; the median monthly rent was $1,040. The median household income was $74,789. The unemployment rate was 2.8% and safer than 44.7% of cities in the United States.

The greater Overland Park area, One of the rising cities to raise a family, is one of the best places to settle down in the Midwest. Children and teenagers may benefit from an excellent education. The region is home to some of the best schools in Kansas.

For instance, if you are looking for a family-friendly activity, you can check out the Overland Park Farmer s Market and the Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens.

And it’s simple to reach Kansas City for entertainment options galore, including sports events or visiting family-friendly establishments like Kaleidoscope and the StoneLion Puppet Theatre.

9. Plano, TX

In Plano, the median price of a single-family home was $248,800, and nearly $1,200 was the median monthly rent. The median annual income of a person living in the city was approximately $85,000, and a civilian unemployment rate of 3.4%. Plano was safer than other cities, with a population of 279,088.

Plano, TX, is one of the best places to raise a family. The excellent environment provides places for companies like Pizza Hut, JCPenny, and Frito-Lay to collectively employ tens of thousands of people.

The Plano Independent School District is also rated among the best school districts in Texas for its institutions, such as Wyatt Elementary School, Renner Middle School, and Jasper High School. The city has numerous programs to address the health and wellness of both children and adults. These initiatives are primarily the work of the health portal Connect4health.

The Plano Parks & Recreation offers recreational camps like dance, fitness, and aquatics during the springtime, autumn, or rainy season. Children can join the World Olympic Gymnastics Academy, a prestigious gymnastics academy where many legendary gymnasts have been trained through camps, classes, and sports teams.

Other notable events, such as the Plano Balloon Festival & Run, the Plano Christmas Market, and the Little Sweetheart Dance, add variety to the city’s atmosphere.

10. Seattle, WA

Seattle had a population of 668,849, with a median purchase price of $484,600 and a median price-to-rent ratio of $1,266. The median yearly household income was $74,458, and the Unemployment Rate was 3.7%. Compared with other cities across the United States, Seattle was safer than 7% of them.

Along with being one of the top choices of students seeking a high-quality education in Washington, Seattle is home to some of the finest institutions in the country, including Roosevelt High School and Garfield High School. Among the many reasons to live in Seattle is its great neighborhoods, with communities being a safe, affordable option for families.

The city has a thriving economy, with its own brand name companies, including Amazon, Starbucks, and Nordstrom. Therefore, Seattle has been referred to by many of these companies as its headquarters.

With numerous entertainment options near Mount Rainier National Park and Olympic National Park, citizens spend mild winters and comfortable summers engaging in recreational activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing.

Between the Seattle Seahawks (NFL), Seattle Mariners (MBL), Seattle Kraken (NHL), Seattle Sounders F.C. (MLS), and the Seattle Storm (WNBA), there’s always a family-friendly event going on!

Best Cities To Retire in 2022

Are you preparing to move away from the vicinity? These U.S. cities, large and small, all have excellent weather year-round, competitive prices of living, and first-class amenities. Whether you’re preparing for retirement or want to move, check out these top cities for retirement in 2022!

1. Asheville, NC

With a population of about 87,531, the median home price is $212,000, and the median monthly rent is $910. The cost of living is above the national average at 4%. Moreover, it is 3% more likely to be safer than other cities.

A household-friendly city with fantastic weather and special tax breaks for Social Security retirement benefits, Asheville is one of the best places to retire in the South! Affordable housing and shelter exemptions for retiring senior citizens add to its welcoming community atmosphere.

Asheville’s warm weather and mild winters appeal to families and senior living facilities alike. Leisure Facilities and senior living facilities in Asheville are renowned for their professionalism, world-class medical services, and quality care.

Cradled in the Blue Ridge Parkway mountains, Asheville provides scenic mountain views and an outdoor getaway.

2. Augusta, GA

The metropolitan area has approximately 200,000 residents, a median home price of $100,500, and a monthly rent of $794. The cost of living, 17 % below the nationwide average, can be attributed to the crime rate, which is 8% safer than U.S. cities.

Augusta, Georgia, is a suitable destination for seniors because of its low-cost housing market, moderate year-round weather, and low taxes on Social Security benefits. The weather in The Garden City is remarkable, particularly in the summer and mild winter.

Retirees also have access to the Augusta University Health network’s technologically advanced healthcare. If you need things to see and do in Augusta, you might enjoy the Master’s Golf Tournament or hike along the Augusta Canal, which features miles of hiking trails and bike paths for adventurers to explore.

3. Boise, ID

The median property cost in the city with a population of 218,677 is $191,000, with a median rent cost of $834 per month. The Cost of Living Index is one percent below the national average, and the crime rate is 41% safer than that of U.S. cities.

Spend your golden years in Boise’s beautiful, green neighborhoods. Nicknamed “City of Trees,” Boise is one of the most scenic cities in the U.S. Idaho’s capital city is the perfect place to settle down with crime rates lower than the national average.

Retired people have access to Idaho’s best medical facility, St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center, and can thus avoid taxation on Social Security payments. Boise also has hot summers and cold, snowy winters, so this provides plenty of options for activities here.

The Boise River Greenbelt is a fabulous place to spend the afternoon walking, running, or bicycling if you enjoy the outdoors. Boise National Forest is the most appropriate place for weekend getaways; it is excellent for hiking and camping.

4. Charleston, SC

The median purchase price of 129,888 homes is $269,400, and the median monthly rent is $1,052-the cost of living sums 11 percent above the national average. Safer than 21% of U.S. cities, Charleston is a safe place to live.

Charleston is a charming city where outdated cobblestone sections create a peaceful environment. In addition to enjoying the desirable location of Chucktown, you’ll also be able to retire in a safe environment with access to excellent healthcare and beachfront settings.

In addition, as South Carolina has no social security taxes, the state’s property tax burden is among the lowest in the country. When a resident of Charleston wants to create some rejuvenating activities, there are numerous historical sites and boutiques on King Street.

5. Knoxville, TN

The resident population of 183,927 and median home price of $120,300, median monthly mortgage payment of $766, and cost of living 17 percent lower than the national average make St. Louis safer than four percent of U.S. cities.

Are they considering retiring to an environment where there are many citizens nearby? Knoxville is the best place for you! The community’s support for athletics drives many people to Knoxville Volunteer (NCAA) games, where they go tailgating to join in the fun.

In Marble City, retirees may find a more cost-effective and tax-free means of enjoying their social security benefits. They also have access to cutting-edge medical care at places like the University of Tennessee Medical Center, which offers services in seven health specialties, such as heart, lung, and vascular.

6. Lancaster, PA

Its population is approximately 59,341, the median home price in the city is about $109,300, and the median monthly rent is $806. The cost of living in the city is 8%, below the national average. Per capita, it is safer than 13% of major U.S. cities.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, one of the top-ranked cities in the U.S. for a living while retired and for its beauty, allows people to get the most outstanding value out of their Social Security benefits without paying tax. Aside from that, there is no state tax on interest income and retirement accounts, such as 401(k)s, IRAs, and 401(a)s.

After retirement, retirees will discover care providers through Lancaster General Health. Lancaster offers many things to do, including Central Market Place, the United States’ oldest continuously running farmers market. Anyone lucky will also be able to experience the fantastic view from the top of the waterfall in the Louise Arnold Tanger Arboretum. On the other hand, the Amish countryside is sure to be a great destination.

7. Mesa, AZ

The median purchase price of a house in the locale was $168,500; the median monthly rent cost was $907. Personal costs per capita in the locale were 3% below average. Compared with 32% of U.S. cities, the crime rate in the locale was below the national average.

If you’re considering retiring to a place where the sun shines all year long, consider Mesa! You can unwind at a resort-style community set mostly inside Phoenix, Arizona. Feel free to catch as much as you can in all this suburb offers you for your active lifestyle!

You can find several 25 golf courses to take in during your free time in Mesa, and if you’re a baseball fan, you’ll be able to watch a few spring training games. On top of that, the cost of living for Seniors can be reassured that the award-winning Banner Desert Hospital is readily accessible for their healthcare needs.

8. Pittsburgh, PA

The city’s population stands at 305,285, the median home price at $100,800, median monthly home rent at $844, cost of living seven percent below the national average, and crime rate 12% percent safer than other U.S. cities.

Enjoyable small-town charm is just one of the benefits of living in a major city, and Pittsburgh has both! There are fabulous art galleries and museums in this culturally rich city, like the Carnegie Museum of Art and the Andy Warhol Museum.

Follow various professional sports teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL), the Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB), and the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), so as well as their successes, you can enjoy them from anywhere from the comfort of your own home. If you want to travel, you can go anywhere in the world after landing at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Living in Pittsburgh enables you to be exempt from paying taxes on retirement benefits and close to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, a prestigious facility.

9. Port St Lucie, FL

The population in Hudson Falls is about 175,652, the median home sale price there is $149,400, and the median monthly rent is $1,170. The cost of living in Hudson Falls is equal to the national average. Crime rates there are safer than in 72% of other cities nationwide.

Port St. Lucie, Florida, is a laid-back city in Florida that’s well-suited to retirees who wish to spend some leisure time relaxing. It’s located about halfway between Miami and Orlando. It includes many affordable housing options and meager taxes for retirement savings from Social Security, pension, Individual Retirement Account, and 401(k).

While sitting on the St. Lucie River, PSL is a beautiful place to boat and freshwater fish, and the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens is a great place to find indigenous flora and fauna. Retirees can get day passes to all-inclusive Club Med Sandpiper Bay, where they can play golf for 54 holes at a PGA Village golf club.

10. Sarasota, FL

The people living in his area have a population of 54,425, a median home value of $190,500, and the median monthly renter’s cost is $951. On average, the city is 2% above the national average cost of living. It supplies 13% safer protection than most U.S. cities.

Would you like to retire near the beach in Sarasota? Sarasota offers terrific retirement options for residents throughout the Gulf of Mexico coast. One can enjoy the views of the Gulf of Mexico from one of the Gulf Coast beaches in Lido Key, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, or Manasota Key. Retirees also benefit from our campus’s nationally-ranked stroke rehabilitation. In addition, you can play golf at Sarasota-area courses.


In conclusion, the best and cheapest city to move to in every state is different. So, it’s essential to do your research before making a final decision. Consider all of your options like affordable housing, good jobs, safety, and low crime rates, raising a family, or preparing for retirement, and choose the best choice for you and your family. 

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